Jen Whyley | Senior Marketing Manager

MediaCom North’s Manchester office recently opened its doors once again for the third in the ‘Illuminate’ series of events. This time, data and attribution were in the spotlight.

The first Illuminate event was focused on Content Marketing; in which our MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) team introduced their offering and welcomed special guests from Co-op, Brother, and UNILAD.

Social Change was the topic for our second event, and examined   the growth in businesses having a purpose beyond just their revenue or profitability goals.  MediaCom’s guests included Drew Povey, Head Teacher of Harrop Fold School (Educating Greater Manchester) and Channel 4’s Ewan Douglas.

This time, the hot Illuminate topic was on Data an Attribution whereby the event shone a light on various aspects of the complex subject. With the GDPR changes coming into place in May, data is high on everyone’s agenda and can often appear quite daunting.

We had our very own experts talking to clients and friends from across the group, about how to introduce data strategies into their businesses and dispelling the common myths around attribution. Our colleague at Code, Matt Lacey discussed their success stories in this area and we were lucky to be joined by Google’s Head of Data and Attribution, Harry Davies who gave us a scientific spin by introducing experimentation into marketing. We had a room full of interested guests and there were some great take-aways from all of the presentations.

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