Julia Shepherd | Board Director, Real World Insight

Now we are at the beginning of October, many young adults around the world are looking to start or continue their journey into higher education.  But what are their motivations and expectations?

With a focus on their attitudes towards Higher Education, this piece provides context on what unites and divides 16-24 year olds in countries around the world and goes on to explore how to communicate with these young people in ways that resonate with them.

The Real World Insight team have looked through a wealth of data to develop what we believe are four interesting thoughts. Although 16-24s may share the same age demographic, they are often worlds apart in terms of their social and economic background and this can massively influence the way they see the world, as well as how they prioritise things. A student from the States, aspiring to climb their way up the career ladder is in a different place from an Indonesian student with a predominantly more balanced approach to life, for example.

In addition to exploring their hopes, fears and behaviours of young adults around the world this piece also explores how they are best reached in terms of media.  Usage of media channels varies from country to country of course, but in most places where access to social media is unrestricted we see its widespread use.

We hope this work can fuel ideas and help show brands that although their message to the world may be the same, the context in which it will be received is very different, and keeping up with 16-24s across the world as they continue to adapt and change will be a journey.

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16-24s: A Window Across The World Report