Joe Eastham | Head of Technology, Business Intelligence

In the ever-changing Ad Tech landscape, Google announced yesterday a rebrand of its core line-up with the introduction of Google Marketing Platform.

The Google Marketing Platform sees Google bring together the pillars of its Marketing tools: Goole Analytics 360 suite, and DoubleClick Suite. The aim is to help Agencies and Clients plan, buy and measure their activity and performance better in an increasingly fragmented digital customer journey.

 What is New? (What we know a currently)

  • DoubleClick products will adopt the 360 branding with:
    • DoubleClick Search becoming Search Ads 360
    • DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Studio, and Audience Centre will be collectively become known as Display & Video 360.

How does this affect advertisers currently using these products?

 While there may be a few new names (and likely some more acronyms to remember!), for the time being the DoubleClick suite of products will continue to operate as usual.

It is likely that more information and new features will be released in the future. Which will create more opportunity for advertisers to focus on leveraging the data within the Google Marketing stack, enabling them to increase performance across all of their marketing activity and become more Data Driven with their decision making.

If you have any questions about this and how it may affect your business, please contact [email protected]