Chris Buchanan | Regional Training & Talent Manager

At MediaCom North Group, we believe that professional skills training and personal staff development are paramount to the success of our business.  MediaCom North Group is all about our amazing people working with clients and partners to deliver better business outcomes for the future, it’s this diversity and combined strength of our people that drive MediaCom North Group forward.

As people are our most valuable asset, we have an extensive training programme tailored to help staff learn specific skills and improve performance.  Over and above technical skills training, we provide opportunities to grow as individuals and ensure employees are as happy, healthy and engaged as possible.

We promote a positive work culture with a blend of physical, psychological and social initiatives to enhance mental health and physical wellbeing. The strong work/life balance ethos at MediaCom North Group fosters collaboration, breaks down silos, increases a sense of worth and creates stronger bonds between colleagues. Our mindfulness sessions were a fabulous example of how we create agile and flexible minds, keep everyone energised and invigorated to create a more productive, fulfilling and enjoyable place to work.

We take the training and development of all staff seriously and want to show how proud we are of our training and development programme. So much so we have been awarded the sought after IPA CPD Gold accreditation certificate for outstanding professional development programmes.

The criteria for achieving the Gold standard is no mean feat.  We needed to produce a lengthy document demonstrating our thorough commitment to learning, provide an evident improvement to the lives of all MediaCom North Group staff and to the development of the business.  There are 131 agencies who are members of the IPA, out of the agencies who submitted their entries for the Gold accreditation, only 36 were successful so it’s a tough ask.

But despite that, we have won it for the 2nd year in a row, which is amazing.  Our IPA CPD Gold Accreditation certificates are proudly displayed in all the MediaCom North Group office reception areas.

The IPA quoted from our submission:

Another strong submission from MediaCom North which effectively showcases continued commitment to their people.  People at all levels are integral to the success of the Agency, which is illustrated by the focus on employees’ wellbeing as well as their development.  As the submission states:- Happy employees = happy company = happy clients.

We are working towards a successful entry for next year, if we continue this success for five years in a row, we will be awarded IPA Platinum Accreditation status! Which, of course, we are aiming to achieve!