Sharon Fall | Account Manager

LoveBrum is a charity that engage with local people and businesses to raise funds for smaller, lesser-known charities and projects in the Birmingham area.  Each month local charities are promoted and members of LoveBrum vote for their favourite, with the nominated charity receiving £2,000 in funding. It might not sound like a lot of money, but to a very small, unknown charity (such as an animal rescue centre or an old people’s home) this can make a huge difference.  We’re proud at MediaCom Birmingham to be one of their patrons, raising the profile of LoveBrum and providing hands-on help with their projects.

We recently helped out at a charity Christmas lunch held in St Philip’s Cathedral on at Saturday evening which was part of the LoveBrum charity calendar. The event, organised by volunteers, was to offer those who were homeless, old or lonely the chance to have a proper Christmas meal in the safety and warmth of a secure place. The Cathedral was transformed from a place of worship and prayer to a place of feasting and joy, with live music, turkey dinner and all the trimmings. We, as part of LoveBrum, helped distribute a care package to each of the guests which consisted of basic necessities– toiletries, underwear, sleeping bags, shoes, coats, jumpers, socks etc. which all had been donated by local people and businesses in the area.

We worked as waiters and waitresses, serving meals and drinks and chatting to people on a one-to-one basis – it really was a humbling but very satisfying experience and made us realise how lucky we all are to have loved ones and family, especially at Christmas. There are so many with so little, so giving back is important. Everyone we spoke to was really appreciative of all of the effort that had gone into the evening and thanked us. The night proved to be a huge success – we anticipated having around 200 guests, but we think we more than doubled that as guests were queuing outside and waiting for tables!

It’s great fun working with LoveBrum too. Last year I also supported their Valentine promotion, giving out red roses to unsuspecting members of the public, telling them more about the charity and how to become involved. I’ve also worked at a music event, raising funds and again spreading the word about the charity.  I do enjoy speaking to people so found it both satisfying and fun!

If you’ve not helped a charity so far, I’d urge you to do it…you won’t regret it!