Joshua Craig | Content Assistant

When you mention the option of an apprenticeship as a career path, some write it off due to misconceptions. We at MediaCom are challenging this, and providing a unique and rare opportunity to a select few to join the UK’s biggest media agency.

Here at MediaCom we have been running an apprentice scheme since 2012 with some amazing results. We caught up with five of our current apprentices; Joe Pullen; Bethany Leese; Kajal Mistry; Reece Jones; and Matt Smith to shed some light on how this apprenticeship scheme has benefited their careers and why it could be the perfect choice for you if you are still undecided on your future.

What is a MediaCom Apprenticeship?

Wondering what a MediaCom Apprenticeship involves? Joe Pullen explains ‘MediaCom provide a yearlong apprenticeship, with 6 months in two different departments. It allows you to get a broad understanding of the business and combine the traditional media side along with experience in the more modern and digital departments’.

In Joe’s case his year consisted of 6 months in Broadcast and then 6 months in PPC which has given him a much better grasp on how the overall business works and how they link together to help clients achieve their goals.

Some of the departments that apprentices join at MediaCom include; Broadcast (TV), Non-Broadcast (Radio, Newspaper, etc.), Planning, Finance, Content, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), PPC (Pay-per-click) and Affiliates.

At the end of their time, our apprentices gain an NVQ qualification in Marketing and Communications along with the bespoke knowledge and skills needed to take up a full time role with the company.

What are the best things about a MediaCom Apprenticeship?

Putting aside the fact you would be part of the UK’s biggest media agency and in turn the biggest media organisation in the world (WPP), Matt Smith and Bethany Leese, spoke of some of the other fantastic benefits and rewards of joining the MediaCom Apprentice Scheme;

Both Matt and Beth agreed that the scheme was a fantastic alternative to university as it allowed them to get a head start in the media industry and learn on the job whilst having a very good level of financial security. ‘In essence, you are being paid to learn whilst receiving a vast amount of experience working on huge clients such as New Balance, Missguided, Co-op and many others’, says Matt.

Beth continued ‘Socially, MediaCom is an excellent place to work too’. Reece and Kajal two of our other apprentices both commented on the fantastic culture at MediaCom. Not only do MediaCom look after you with some brilliant benefits, but you may also be involved in lots of social and networking events with media owners and suppliers. It is a great way to gain confidence alongside building up a reputable network of contacts.

What you should know before applying?

Gaining an Apprenticeship at MediaCom isn’t all about grades, you need (3 A’ Levels (A-C) and 5 GCSEs (A-C) inc. English and Maths or equivalent), but much of the selection process is based on you as a person and what value you could bring to the company. Being yourself is the best thing you can do.

Matt Smith, one of our current apprentices spoke about the fact that MediaCom provides a safe and supportive environment for everyone to develop. ‘No-one expects you to know everything straight away and your management team will always be there for you should you need any help. MediaCom offers the perfect culture to make the transition into a workplace’.

A People First Organisation

All of our current apprentices agreed that it really is the people that make MediaCom a great place to work. Being a company that prides itself on being the ‘People First’ organisation, it comes and no surprise to see that all our apprentices settled in so quickly and were accepted into the MediaCom family with open arms. It is this happy and supportive environment that really allows apprentices and new starters to continue to thrive and flourish in their roles at MediaCom.

The majority of our apprentices have gone on to secure full time positions with the company, with some even reaching executive roles within 2 years of finishing the apprenticeship. Not only is this evidence of solid career progression but it also shows how the apprenticeship has clearly developed the skills of everyone who has completed it.

If you think this scheme could be for you then head over to to apply today!