Natalia Baran | Account Manager

At MediaCom we always challenge ourselves to deliver first class response to the client’s brief. But when last year NHS Blood and Transplant came to ask for advice on their challenge, we knew something completely different was about to happen.

On the surface the challenge sounded familiar – we needed to attract more blood donors. The tricky part began when we got into the detail – we needed to raise awareness of the need for more donors from the BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) communities, we needed to raise awareness of the ease of giving blood and we needed to target a younger, less engaged audience, specifically 17-24s. So what we needed was a complete game changer – an idea that would take young people by storm and keep a firm grip on their attention.

First,we had to find out what the leverage of the campaign will be – that gold insight that will make us noticed. We figured out it would be that one person or someone our audience listen to. The person they look up to and respect. Influencers, sports people and musicians were all there, but there was a candidate who topped them all by far – the MOBO awards. By connecting NHSBT and the voices our audience listen to, we will speak to them in the language they don’t dismiss.

Things escalated quickly, with many prominent ambassadors getting involved: Nicola Adams, Chuka Umunna, even the very MOBO’s founder Kanya King – and grime star Lady Leshurr who fronted the campaign. She wrote and performed a song about the importance of representing the community you care about – and that’s how The Represent campaign was born.

Things kicked off with Lady Leshurr’s musical call to arms being shared over social media and YouTube in the run-up to the MOBO Awards night. Many influencers (including Sean Paul!) got involved by using their social media accounts to spread the message and attract engagement. On the day of the MOBO Awards, we launched our campaign video in conjunction with Twitter takeover to make sure we gained as much exposure as possible.

The campaign was a tremendous success: we delivered close to 15 million impressions across different social media channels and drove 6,665 blood donation registrations within 2 weeks of the campaign, which was an unprecedented success.