It’s just over three months since Rosie Potter joined the MediaCom North family.

Her role as Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Lead is brand new to us, and we caught up with Rosie to get to know her better and to discuss how she’s enjoying life at MediaCom.

What’s your background?

I spent my early recruitment years working in agencies across IT, Oil and Gas and then after 3.5 years working in agencies I got a great opportunity to go into internal recruitment with a leading healthcare brand. After 3.5 years working in healthcare I decided it was time for a change and a new challenge.

Why did you choose a career in recruitment?

Honestly- when I graduated back in 2010 in the middle of the recession it was one of the only industries actually recruiting graduates so whilst it wasn’t something I’d always dreamt about doing, looking back it was one of the best decisions I made. I worked in hospitality from the age of 14 and this actually geared me up perfectly for a life of talking to people. Whilst working for a recruitment agency wasn’t for me, working directly for an employer within their recruitment team opened up a totally new career path which had never seemed attractive within the agency environment.

What do you love about your job?

For me, I love the people and the work that they do. I was brand new to the world of media when I joined MediaCom and I was blissfully ignorant to the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes of advertising campaigns. I’ve been able to get a better understanding because everyone here is so supportive and has always had time for me when I’ve needed to find out more about their area, plus the knowledge sharing culture of the business means I’ve been able to attend a number of internally run events which has this as the core focus.

What does life outside MediaCom look like?

Outside of MediaCom I’m a part-time CrossFit coach, being active and healthy has always been really important to me and I’m really into cooking and nutrition which compliments that quite nicely! I’ve taken part in a fair few competitions over the years so had to be very disciplined but now I’ve stepped away from doing it competitively and do it more for fun. Oh, I also love dogs. I’m probably every meme you see about a crazy dog person.

Do any of  your hobbies translate into your work?

Absolutely, I am a quite competitive person, more with myself than anyone else. I think this competitive nature has always helped me strive to better myself and meant I enjoy being challenged. I’m never afraid to tackle something new.

Who inspires you in a professional sense?

I actually can’t say one specific person, I think all driven career women inspire me. This probably originated with my mum as she instilled in me at early age that I could do anything I wanted to do career-wise and there were no limitations. This is something which I think looking back I feel so fortunate to have had. I’m career driven and so are my closest girlfriends which I love, being surrounded by this great group of women inspires me on a daily basis. So a mixture of all of them I guess!

What is your proudest career moment?

I think graduating in the middle of a recession was probably one of the most challenging things looking back, the fact I got a job and I’ve taken every experience since, whether good or bad, as one that I’ve learnt something from. So perhaps there isn’t one defining moment for me but I’m proud of the journey I’ve had so far.

What is it about MediaCom that you get excited about telling new candidates about?

So much really!  As anyone who’s met me would know, I like to talk. So any answer I give to this question probably wouldn’t cover everything I’d want to say. I always love to tell them about the variety of clients and type of briefs we get to work on. It’s a really exciting environment, the company culture and people are just amazing.