Chris Broadbent | COO

Today I have been working from home. It’s a strange turn of phrase, isn’t it? Because these days it seems we are all working from anywhere, any day, if we are not careful.

Therefore, being made to stay at home for the day is something rather special – an enforced segment of time (7am till 7pm in this case) to stand by for the imminent delivery and fitting of a dishwasher, is actually an oasis of calm that I have been really looking forward to this week.

Silence, only the cat and I, with the gentle sounds of coffee percolating and the tapping of keys on the MacBook.

Eva the cat
Eva the cat has seen it all before


Sadly the illusion of 12 hours of deep strategic thought with no interruptions is shattered at 6.40 am with texts, calls and app updates informing me that the dishwasher will indeed be arriving between 1400 and 1800 hours, already my window is segmented, my thoughts are truncated and my plans are re-drawn.

So, lets salvage the morning, let’s turn off the radio, let’s get back to it and make the most of this home environment, real thinking time, some tangible output and a good use of my morning without the 60 minute commute, the inevitable 20 minute chatter and the comings and goings of office visitors.

So why do I feel like this isn’t really working for me?

Of course MediaCom is a flexible employer, we encourage everyone to work in a way that works best for them and the team they are in – we want our people to have a balance between work and everything else that enables them to thrive as diverse individuals in all aspects of what they do.

And that is the point, everyone is different. Yes I am getting stuff done and yes I am not being distracted, but working at home for me reminds me how I felt on the occasional day I was ill and off school as a kid. I can hear the school playground through the kitchen window, and I am missing it.

People First is another great MediaCom strength, and a day working at home alone really brings home what that means – because it’s the people who I am missing today.

It’s the people in those meetings, working late with those clients, sitting together on the train, queueing at my desk, chasing me down the corridor, talking ten to the dozen; those are the very people I am missing sat here.

Being inspired and uplifted by those around me every day is the reason I go to work – the reason I work from work, as opposed to working from home.

Flexible working? Of course, but the sooner that dishwasher arrives, the better…