Chris Broadbent | COO

A month or so ago I did a MediaCom Connected Podcast for the lovely Sue Unerman and uber-hip ASD in our MediaCom London offices.

The conversation inevitably came around to the Northern Powerhouse and the fact that the North has actually always been a powerhouse – everyone knows that.

Looking at the business for which I am responsible, a simple quadrupling of headcount and profitability since 2011 underlines the powerhouse point; but is that growth because of who we are or where we are – what am I saying?

I’m saying that for our business, the key is not to be determined by Geography, or even by size

– it’s the quality and diversity of our work that sets us apart

Anyone who’s been to our offices, met us and worked with us knows we are world class. This week we proved it.

The picture shows my colleagues Danielle Bateman and Ben Moakler from MediaCom in Leeds receiving that recognition; they were in Rome picking up three awards including the Grand Prix Gold award for their NHS Blood Missing Type planning work at the Global Festival of Media Awards in Rome.

Not just world class, world beating.

Ben and Danielle are not alone; we have world class data engineering teams powering global solutions from Leeds and Manchester, a newfound capability in Code to truly deliver end to end solutions across all our clients and an International co-ordination and B2B capability in Birmingham to highlight just three further elements to our capability

The sum of the parts is greater than the whole, the opportunity we can offer for bright people is amazing; arguably greater than any of our competitors anywhere in UK.

We are building something special for the future, something that is different, something of which we can be immensely proud.

If you are interested in world class work, please get in touch. If you want some further context, you can listen to my podcast here – thank-you!