Michaela Gschwendtner | Business Development Manager


To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week 2019, our mental health & wellbeing committee, organised a week of talks and workshops around self-help, fitness & nutrition, emotional wellness, and gratitude, ending the week with some amazing staff stories.

To kick the week off, we welcomed Caramia from MIND, who led us through an informal session that offered techniques to help improve resilience, reduce stress & anxiety, create better sleeping patterns and improve mood. Mind is the largest mental health charity in the UK and supports businesses and individuals to improve their mental health and to feel supported when they are struggling.

We ended the session by writing down things we are grateful for on Gratitude Cards – a brilliant technique to help us feel positive, and one that we can all practice every day. These cards were put up on a Gratitude Wall throughout the week.

Tuesday’s theme was Fitness & Nutrition. Guest speaker Craig Massey from OPEX Manchester lead a session on taking a holistic approach to wellbeing by focussing on Fitness and Lifestyle.

In the afternoon we welcomed nutritionist Ryan Walker from The Nutritionist MCR and independent fitness professional Simon Matejczuk from SMPT, who ran a workshop focusing on nutrition and mindset, and how the two can work simultaneously to enhance our everyday health and wellbeing.

We welcomed Declan Doyle from [email protected] on Wednesday, who presented two talks on emotional resilience and breaking unhealthy habits.  In the first session, Declan introduced us to some skills that will help improve confidence and the ability to cope from the many pressures and challenges that we encounter in our work and private lives.

Following this, Declan gave us an understanding of how habits are formed and how we can reshape the triggers of behaviour to work for us and not against us. This is vital for long term behaviour change. This session built strong foundations of how to set yourself up for change using the latest research and practical skills.

Thursday was all about finding activities to help improve mental health. We have a run club which is held every Thursday and we were also joined by Black Sheep Wools for a lunchtime craft session to step away from the desk and learn creative skills.

On Friday the FINAL session of the week saw four of our very own colleagues talking about how they’ve put various support mechanisms into place to help cope with mental health challenges at home and at work – some really practical advice and moving stories from those who have been affected.

We are very proud about our commitment to our employees and also to improving mental health. Throughout the week, our sessions reached almost everyone across the agency with lots of useful tips to take away and put into practice!