MMU & MediaCom North – Agency Life

For the last 6 years we have teamed up with Manchester Metropolitan University through our Agency Life scheme in order to support and develop their marketing students, so they can gain much needed experience in a real, working organisation. We spoke to former MMU student and current MediaCom North employee Charlotte Bucklee to see what her Agency Life experience was like and how it has positively affected her career.

How does Agency Life Work?

“Agency life works by students opting in to complete the unit during their second year at university. You either choose this valuable experience in an agency or you have to complete a certain amount of coursework. The only way you can get onto this unit is by filling out lots of applications to different agencies and then going for interviews.”

What does the scheme entail?

“The scheme entails going to an agency one day a week and learning about everything that goes on there. This includes the general day to day tasks, how to communicate with clients correctly and how to work in a professional manner.”

How did you manage to get onto the scheme?

“I managed to get on the scheme by applying to MediaCom through university and successfully completing an interview. For the interview we had to prepare a presentation about ourselves and what skills we could bring to the job role.”

How has it helped and benefitted your development?

“From even a one day a week, I developed so much. In terms of confidence, my skill set and being able to network. This experience helped me gain a placement with Mediacom and even a Graduate job role, as it turned out I had a true skill for PPC. “

Would you recommend the scheme to others?

“I 100% would recommend doing this. Not only do you gain much valuable experience to put on your CV, but you don’t have to complete any lengthy coursework assignments, not to mention meeting some fabulous people along the way who want to help you in any way they can.”

Overall it is clear that Agency Life is a hugely beneficial scheme and has in turn led to many graduates gaining jobs within the media / marketing industry. If you feel it could help you and further your development, be sure to enquire at your university!